Joey's Rescue Story

A few months ago we found a dog wandering around Karve Road. He was brown with beautiful but lost eyes. Thankfully we always carry dog food in our vehicle whenever we travel. The friendly puppy came wagging his tails.

Cute stray dog

A few licks in and we could tell that the dog had been abandoned and that he was comfortable with the company of humans. He liked humans. Unfortunately, the humans he loved the most, were the same ones who had abandoned him.

Feeding the stray dog, becoming friends


He didn’t look too well. He might have been happy to see us but his body said otherwise. His ears were home to over a hundred ticks and the rest of his body was their playground. With every bite that irritated the poor soul, he tried to scratch them with his legs, only to make things worse.

After unsuccessfully finding the dog’s parents, we decided to find him a better home. But first he needed to be medically treated and had to be groomed. Unsure of his medical history, he was given the regular vaccinations and was given a nice warm bath. The bath took a while as we had to remove every single tick from his body.

Warm bath for Joey

A little while later he was done and what a beautiful dog he turned out to be. Joey. A happy name for a happy dog.

Post bath chilling


Thankfully because of social media, the message to adopt Joey was spread far and wide. Within a couple of days, we found a potential adopter. After the mandatory house visit, it was decided that Joey would finally live with a family which gives him all the love he wants.

With the new parent


Now a few months old, Joey has started dictating terms. He is living a healthy, happy life. And the family that adopted him? Boy, did Joey rescue them.

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