Floof Rescues: Jasmine's Story

Dog Jasmine sitting

This is Jasmine. She is golden retriever who is currently enjoying life. But it wasn't always like this...

In 2018, a breeder visited his local vet with an issue related to one of his dogs. The vet asked him to come back with the dog so as to assess the dog better. However he did not return. A few weeks later when he visited again for annual vaccinations for other dogs, the vet asked about the welfare of the dog. The breeder stated that he is dead, under suspicious circumstances no less. The vet alerted this news to animal activists who decided to act on the information. With our animal laws as great as Masakali 2.0, the activists were already facing an uphill battle. 

They got creative and visited the breeder, pretending to be customers and recorded the entire conversation of the breeder admitting to selling puppies. With this evidence, a court case was filed and the dogs were temporarily moved to a shelter. The scenes at the breeder's house were appalling. Jasmine and two others were kept in tiny cages, barely big enough to be able to sit properly. They weren't cleaned, and had to sit in their own pee and poop. This led to many infections, diseases and loss in appetite. The dogs were suffering.

Dog in a cage

Jasmine inside her cage at the breeder

At the shelter, things got temporarily better. She used to get happy visitors who used to walk her, bathe her and feed her nutritious food. We also found out that she was suffering from tick bite fever, which given the condition of her cage at the breeder's place, wasn't a surprise. 

Dog Jasmine at the shelter

Jasmine at the shelter

After the activists won the court case (hurray!), Jasmine came home to Floof HQ where she was greeted by our other two rescues Caesar and Cleopatra. But it wasn't a happy welcome. The dogs welcomed her with open arms but Jasmine wasn't sure what to do. She was only used to a tiny space all her life. At home, she found her self a corner and made that her home. She didn't enter the rooms or the kitchen and would growl at Caesar and Cleopatra if they crossed her space. 

Dog jasmine sitting in a corner

Jasmine made this corner her home

But slowly things started improving. We take our dogs to the hill every morning and Jasmine started tagging along too. With every car ride, walk on the hill and yummy meal at home, Jasmine started to get comfortable, healthy and fluffy. She started smiling.

Dog in a car

Jasmine first car ride to the hill

dogs on the hill
Jasmine with Caesar and Cleopatra on the hill

She slowly made her way to the bedroom and would roll on the bed when no one was watching her. While her mental state of mind kept improving, her physical health was still far from normal. One day her creatinine levels spiked up and the doctor told us she was heading from renal failure. We were shocked. After making such good progress, she was hit by another roadblock, this time caused by an incurable illness. 

For the next two months Jasmine was put on aggressive saline. Twice a day for three weeks, then once a day, then twice a week, then once a week and finally when her creatinine levels were under control, we could stop her saline treatment. To keep her levels in check, she is now on a special diet. 

Today Jasmine is in the best of health. She runs, leaps, chases and catches rats, and plays with baby Kaiser. She is a mother to him, an aunt to Cleopatra and an angel to all of us at home. Just a few minutes with her brings so much positivity and good energy. She is a therapist and a friend. 

Dog in the garden
Jasmine loves to spend time in the garden

Jasmine has made life worth living. She has inspired me to look for better days no matter how bleak it can get. If during the pandemic you felt trapped, remember Jasmine lived that life for over 6 years! But now, even after so much pain, she has managed to smile and make others smile.
adult dog with puppy
Jasmine helps foster pups while they find their forever homes - April 2020
dog grooming
Jasmine's first grooming session - May 2020
dog looking up
Jasmine looking up in the sky for the first time - May 2020
dog on road surrounded by trees
Jasmine on the hill road - May 2020

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  • Respect for you guys .. almighty is watching u and blessing u from above 🤗

    Paw Mate on
  • Thank you guys for saving her from hell.

    Swati Chopra on
  • Hats off for what you guys have done!❤️
    Jasmine deserves nothing but the best.✨
    I stand for #adoptdontshop.

    Deepanshi Tripathi on
  • I love dog’s very much. I adopted a Labrador about two years ago. He was in a horrible condition. He is happy and healthy now. I am glad you doing so much for jasmine. Only a few people can do that. You have a golden heart. May God bless you.

    Biswajit Kalita on
  • Truly selfless, and heartwarming deed Kapil!
    It’s heartbreaking to see animals face such a fate as Jasmine did for 6 long years. A noble act indeed to by you and your family to bring Jasmine back to a healthy, happy life!
    God bless!

    Archana Patwardhan on

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