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Our floofers

Floofers are highly trained ethical pet professionals who understand and cater to the needs of your pets. Once you've booked a floofer, your pet will be in safe and attentive hands.

  • Saee G

    Erandawane, Pune

    Saee has been a pet lover since her childhood and comes from a family that deeply cares for animals. She is experienced in understanding a pet’s behaviour, emotions and caters to the pet’s needs.

    Saee has 6 years of experience and she can host puppies, small breeds, senior dogs, female dogs in heat.

  • Kapil Patwardhan

    Erandawane, Pune

    Kapil specializes in rescued and rehomed dogs, helping families understand their behaviours and make progress by creating a safe environment for both humans and pets. He follows a holistic approach, taking into consideration all aspects of the dogs life that impact their beahviour - Learning, Environment, Genetics and Self.

    Kapil has guided over 300 families with their rescued pups and has even helped Sachin Tendulkar and his family raise their two rescued dogs - Spike and Max.

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“ We boarded our girls - Laila and Pluto - with Saee Gawade a few times in the last six months. Laila had to move out of kennel space because she was beginning to get very anxious for a longer duration. We knew she needed to be in a home environment, but one where there weren't other dogs. Saee's home was perfect. The dogs could stay as they pleased, felt safe and comfortable. Saee is great with the coordination and also makes sure she has all their needs met - food, sleep, exercise and so forth. We have been very happy with their support.”

Kalindi Kokal
Home boarding at Saee

“Saee's house is second home for Chikki, she is very loving and concerned about the pet more than anything. The food, walks and play. When I was away for a long time and Chikki fell sick, she immediately took her to the vet and sorted out the situation very maturely. Chikki looks forward to going to Saee's house”

Smita Mehetre
Home boarding at Saee