Cleopatra's story

Oh, what a nose! You might have seen Cleopatra and her nose feature often in our photoshoots and over social media. We are only giving her the attention she deserves after a miraculous escape in her childhood.



Back in 2016, a little puppy was found under a car. Her eyes were barely open and she looked ever so weak. Her mother wasn’t seen anywhere around and things were not looking bright for the little one. Floof hadn’t existed then but the family always extended a helping hand whenever needed. So the puppy came home to be fostered until she becomes healthier for adoption.

Cleopatra puppy

We were told to not allow her on the bed since her new home might not like it. So it is better to not get her used to it. As you can see, she wasn’t too happy about it. But we focussed on her health, which unfortunately took a bad turn. She started getting fever every alternate day. One day she would be fine and following day she would be down. Several doctors tried several medicines; none making a positive effect. No one was able to diagnose the problem. This went on for almost four weeks when we were recommended a homeopathic doctor (yes, really!). As strange as it, we were out of options and at his point any possibility was worth a shot. At the doctor’s clinic, Cleopatra sat patiently as the doctor asked a few interesting questions. A few highlights were as follows:

Doc: Does Cleopatra find easy to be around dogs?

Me: Yes, she loves dogs.

Doc: What about people?

Me: Yes she loves people as well.

Doc: Does she like to sleep with the fan on?

Me: What?

Doc: Does she prefer the fan to be on when she sleeps?

Me: I don’t know, I haven’t asked her.

Doc: Has she cried if the fan is on?

Me: Nope, she seems to be comfortable with the fan.

Doc: Ok, wait outside.

So we waited outside for an hour or so. The doctor called us in and gave a few medicines. Unbelievably just after a few doses, it worked! Cleopatra would no longer get fever and she started eating regularly. With time she was entirely cured (disease still unknown) and she started being a dog again - playing, jumping, eating, napping, destroying headphones and clothes (but that’s a story for another day).

Cleo on the hill


Now almost three years old, Cleopatra has flourished in the best possible way. She is friendly with humans, plays with all dogs and even makes appearances at festivals as a mascot and proof and Indie puppies are indeed friendly animals.

If you have a dog and would like a second opinion if your dog is ill, I would highly recommend homeopathy treatment. Just make sure that before you visit the doctor, you ask the dog if (s)he likes to sleep with the fan on or off!

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