Floof Superhero For The Animals - Catherine Pinto (Pure Souls Rescuers)

woman kissing a dog

Imagine a parallel universe where dogs have to volunteer for the welfare of humans. It’s odd but going by the way things are going, humans don’t seem too keen towards the welfare of other humans. I guess we can all agree that dogs are simply better people than people. So I do hope that the next evolution on this planet is for humans to get the mentality of dogs or for dogs to get the imagination and abilities of humans. 

While we wait for that to happen, it does help to know that a few humans still go above and beyond to make others feel a bit more comfortable in life. Meet Catherine Pinto, a teacher and an artist, and a human dedicated to improve the life of stray dogs. 

Woman with her dog

Catherine’s journey into animal welfare began at home. She grew up with pets so it became natural for her to love cats and dogs. The love for pets translated to the love for all dogs and she began feeding the streeties in her locality. She started volunteering for Blue Cross of India, an organisation aiming to help stray animals in the country. 

After her time at Blue Cross, Catherine started working for People For Animals, India’s largest animal welfare organisation. She says it was a dream to work at PFA, where she could learn more about animals, their problems and how humans can go about solving them. 

woman hugging and kissing her dog

In 2017, she formed her own team called the Pure Souls Rescuers in Pune, to help out animals in her locality. With over 15 members now, PSR are actively involved in rescue, sterilisation, feeding and fostering homeless animals. Last month, Catherine came across a puppy lying helplessly on the street. The puppy had hernia and her chest was heavily congested. She was critical. A 24 hour clinic took her in, but her chances of survival are slim. Miraculously, the puppy came out of her illness and had to be on nebulisation for a while. Today, the puppy does not need the nebuliser and is walking and running like any other puppy. 

a puppy siting on grass

A simple act of kindness saved the life of a dog. One might say that life is about survival of the fittest, but we should also remember that the growth of humanity is dependent on the growth of animals. Mankind has intervened with nature negatively for centuries. If we intervene to save the life of an animal, it is an act of kindness.

With the support of her friends and family, Catherine has managed to keep her spirits up throughout the highs and lows. Yes, there are cases where you feel like giving up, but even in difficult times, Catherine remembers the smiles of dogs that have gotten her help. It is this feeling that pushes are to make sure more dogs walk around with a wagging tail and a belly full of good food. 

dog sitting on the ground

You can help Catherine help more dogs by reaching out to her in the contact below.

Animal welfare isn’t an easy. For Catherine, it meant eating at odd hours, sleeping very few hours and spending the weekend helping animals instead of socialising. You support Catherine and The Pure Souls Rescuers by donating to +91 98237 51602 on Google Pay or Paytm. 

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