Floof Superhero For The Animals - Anushka Datta (Pawnushka)

woman holding puppies

When the winter sets in, we immediately take steps to get ourselves warm and comfortable. Blankets, hot beverages, heaters, and layers of warm clothing to keep our teeth from chattering in the cold. 

But what about the strays? Usually their bodies are well equipped to tackle harsh weathers. However, since mankind has started encroaching on their lives, their ability to adapt has decreased and their dependency on humans has increased. While I would like to go back to a time where dogs thrived on their own, I am extremely grateful to know that the dogs can rely on some really, really good people to look after them. One such individual is Anushka Datta, a nineteen year old animal activist in Noida. 

woman with an adult dog

Anushka’s love for animals began in her childhood. However, she wasn’t allowed to keep a dog at home, so her only interaction would be with the ones on the streets. At 16, when she finally welcomed Tuffy into her home, her love for dogs grew ten folds. She even started looking after the six local community dogs. 

woman with her golden retriever dog
Anushka with Tuffy

I do believe that strays sense the humans which are kind to them.  Anushka started reaching out to more strays and very soon she was looking after 80 dogs! Now, she has rescued over 100 dogs, sterilised over 120 and re-homed about 30 dogs! To have such an impact on the lives of so many animals is simply incredible. 

But it is not all chirpy for Anushka. Strays don’t always hang out in “safe” zones in the city. Her drive to feed them, took her to shady areas full of shady men. The shady men once decided to harass Anushka by trying to harm the dogs but Anushka would have none of it. She stood her ground and gave them an earful. However the men later showed up at her doorstep, not in a very happy mood. Thankfully her father intervened and peace was achieved. 

woman preparing food for dogs

Anushka is determined to help dogs no matter the obstacle in her way

Although peace was established, this incident and similar other experiences, took a toll on Anushka’s mental health. The daily struggles would haunt her in the night and wash away her confidence. She has been mocked, insulted, abused, tormented and looked down upon for simply choosing to act on her love for dogs. While it is shameful that such things happen, Anushka has managed to keep moving forward and stay focused. 

woman feeding a dog

I am certain that one day Anushka would achieve her dream of opening a shelter. But her dream can be accomplished sooner by donating to her mission on Google Pay or Paytm via 9717765888.

You can follow her work on Instagram as well at the handle @pawnushka.

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  • I’m also a 14 year old and my mom is same as Anushka di….my mom has adopted over 10 dogs in our locality and I try helping her as much as possible ! In early 2004 and around that my mom had adopted 17 dogs I wasn’t born that time but 2 of the dogs out of 17 since then are still healthy and alive ❣️ Much love to Anushka di

    Nyidon Tenzin on

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