5 Reasons To Choose Dog over Human

Gone are the days of wanting more humans. Today’s age calls to adopt more and more dogs! Keeping the dog to human ratio at a high results in a better life. Dog lying down on the ground

Here are some reasons why you should bring a floof home instead of a human.

1) Dogs are happy with your presence


- That’s right. You come back home after 20 seconds, 20 minutes or 20 days, dogs will always greet you! They might get so happy that they can’t help but pee! Will a human ever do that for you? That’s what I thought. 

2) Dogs don’t negotiate

Dogs sitting together guarding

- Tired of random people coming to your house to sell things you don’t want or ask for donations for “saving the world”? Well, get a dog! While the seller might try and persuade you with their gimmicks, negotiating with a barking dog is highly unlikely. 

3) Dogs improve your health 

Dog running on grass

- You know you gotta walk the dog two to three times a day! How many times do you have to walk a human? None, since nowadays we give them an iPad to keep occupied. Thankfully an iPad does not work with dogs and you will have to get up, go out and exercise with your dog. 

4) Dogs will get you positive energy

Dog standing on a branch of a tree

- When you go out for a walk with your dog, notice the number of people smiling and admiring your dog. Get two dogs and you’ll be able to throw a party with 50 guests in no time! 

5) Dogs know things

Dog sleeping with human

- We are not talking about earthquakes. I mean, of course no human can predict that so dogs are already the clear winners there. But even when it comes to human emotions, dogs understand and react better than humans. A dog comforting you is a better scenario than a human comforting you. 

I don’t know anyone who will not be convinced after these five strong points in favour of dogs. So while you’re at it getting a dog, please adopt one! A rescued or an adopted dog will make sure a dog in need gets a home. 

If you want to adopt, write to kapil@getfloof.com to get the ball rolling! We’ll fetch all the dogs for you :)


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