Today. A Poem.

Jasmine and Kaiser two happy dogs

With every drop falling from the sky,
A stray desperately finds a spot that’s dry,
Running around to get some shade,
As the meals reduce, hope begins to fade.

As I look at Kaiser, sitting on the couch,
Everything I believe in, I begin to doubt,
How does he get to nap in peace?
When his brothers and sisters are stuck under trees.

Today, is a day to contemplate,
About my actions, my future, my fate.
I never realised that my actions would affect,
Not just people but also mammals, birds and insects.

I’ve been fed tons of information,
That global warming is totally not fun,
Our environment is sinking, and I’m here thinking,
Will my post get 100 likes today?

What is wrong with me, I wonder,
I have lost myself, I fear.
Where do I find the energy to pick myself up,
When you see videos of a man hitting a pup?
And those who abandon their pets for good,
And those who kill animals for food.

How can I, just one person do anything?
Can I go back to my bubble and be a king?
Does awareness only end up in more pain?
Who came up with ‘ignorance is bliss’, were they or were they not insane?

All I know is I breathe the same air,
It should be my duty to care,
A small change in the way I exist,
To give my soul some peace I persist.

Today, is a good day to contemplate,
About everything I do to put food on the plate,
And about those who don’t have a plate or any food,
And what I can do to change this mood.

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