Poem - Doggo Memories

Caesar sitting like a handsome dog

It's been over a 100 days,
Your absence is felt in so many ways,
But through all the pain,
I try to be at peace visiting memory lane.

When you first came home you were lost,
So was I,
Together we grew up trying to avoid trouble,
So many belly rubs and snoozes in our happy bubble.

As months went by, 
A tiny furball evolved into a majestic dog,
Growling at enemies, eating like a hog.
Food, walks and naps,
Your presence lead me to happiness on maps.

When I would come home smelling of other dogs,
"What is this betrayal, whom did you pet?"
"I'm sorry but it was a cute puppy"
And you would walk away in disgust.

But apart from those few moments,
We walked a happy path,
We would roll in the puddles and run on the hill,
Then I would betray your trust again by giving you a bath.

As years moved forward,
Our bond became stronger,
"Oh he doesn't look 10",
The smile on my face became wider.

When you crossed the rainbow bridge,
You took a large piece of all our hearts,
But left us with so many memories to cherish,
And the will to make some more memories with your brothers and sisters.

A dog's love is a love I am so grateful for,
But to have your love, 11 years of counting my lucky stars.
Thank you for your existence,
In doggo heaven I'll see you soon, 
But if you can come back now, that'll be pretty great too. 

Caesar's dog painting

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