Inspiring The Dog To Poop

Caeasr and Cleo on hill with floof box

Caesar and Cleo loved going to the hill. Both of them prefer a dust surface to poop.

Sundays are my favourite to walk the dogs. There is almost no traffic on the road and they can happily walk zigzag like the drunken motorcyclist from the night before.

I’ve often been told that I give decent advice and inspire people to take bold decisions in their personal and professional lives. I have never realised why I am able to do that since the only motivational talks I give are to my dogs to inspire them to poop quickly. I suppose if my words can garner results with a dog, they can very well work wonders on humans. I just hope I don’t start getting calls every time someone is suffering from constipation.

Caesar on the hill

Caesar used to love being free on the hill. Every walk was full of adventure and a great poop.

Beyond the daily motivational talks, I remember telling Caesar about my life. I always wondered if he understood what I was saying. The thought mainly occurred because I wanted to know if he ignored me because he doesn’t get me or he gets me and still chooses to ignore me.  On a lazy day when Caesar did not want to walk too far, a simple “let’s go back”, was instantly registered in his brain and he used to turn around to sprint back home. I have come to the conclusion that dogs have selective understanding. They understand words which matter and are of benefit to them. Mundane conversations are blissfully ignored.

Apart of words, I have a secret strategy to make dogs poop. After a week or two of careful observation you will realise what surface your dog likes to poop on. It will also be a specific location as poop is also used to mark their territory. So the key tactic is to spend most of your time in and around this target area to make sure the dog does the deed quickly! Of course, the strategy is not fool proof as sometimes the dog wants to trick you by not pooping at all! Helplessly you offer more food thinking it will make the dog poop, but that's what the dog wants. The dog won.

Dog sitting and looking Very smart animals, these dogs are!

What are the silly things you do to make your dog do their thing quickly? 

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