Floof Superhero For The Animals - Ayushi Sharma (Furry Angels)

Woman with stray indian dogs

I’m not feeling well.

I have to go to work.

I have to study.

I have to...I have to…

In life we find many reasons to postpone things. Whether it is at home or at work, we tend to make ourselves comfortable and sit in a convenient zone. The same cannot be said about people who work with animals. There is no room for delay, no room for laziness. It is tiring, exhausting and sometimes depressing. But, animal welfare workers will walk that extra mile just to make sure another animal who needs human help, receives human help.

One such person is Ayushi Sharma. At just 23, Ayushi has saved more than 100 animals including dogs, birds and cats. Based out of Gurgaon, she feeds over 70 dogs every single day, no matter the weather, personal health or commitments. 

Woman with an indian dog
Ayushi Sharma with her dog Daisy


Ayushi’s love for animals started since childhood when she used to accompany her grandfather, who used to feed dogs, cats, cows, birds, horses and even ants! “My grandfather is my biggest motivation. He left us six years ago due to cancer. That was a turning point in my life and I started full fledged to fulfill his dream of helping more and more animals”, Ayushi says..

Ayushi quit her job in January 2019 to help animals full-time. She is currently pursuing a distance MBA course, which helps her give time for animals. It is also worth pointing out that Ayushi’s family has been a huge support in her welfare work. They participate in the daily feeding drives and take care of every dog they see. Despite all the great work, Ayushi still encounters negativity from time to time. Her biggest challenges are continuing to get financial support and changing the mindset of people who believe that humans should be prioritised over other animals.

Woman with dog

Thankfully in such difficult times, Ayushi has the support of Daisy, a rescued dog who is now a permanent member of the Sharma family. With a huge wound on her leg, she wouldn’t find adopters. Within just three months, she fully recovered and now they are inseparable!

When asked on what makes her keep going even in difficult times, Ayushi said that the happiness she receives in inner satisfaction and peace. ”Those painful eyes becomes painless once they get the touch the warmth the love they desire and deserve”, Ayushi says.

Woman with dogs

Ayushi feeds over 70 dogs every day


You can follow all of Ayushi’s welfare work on Instagram here -  https://www.instagram.com/furry_angels16/

You can also donate to Ayushi’s efforts through Paytm - 9899839899 or Google Pay - 8810284278

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  • You are such a kind soul to take care of these homeless stray animals….lots of love and blessings.

    seemagupta9@gmail.com on
  • This is very appreciable step towards the animals

    Lalita Tyagi on
  • Dear Ayushi
    you r doing nobles work .
    You are a inspiration in today’s world. It’s very difficult to leave your comfort zone everyday and help animals around through hail and storm.pround of you .
    May god bless you

    Dr.Hardeep Beniwal on

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