How To Adopt A Pet in India?

Animals make great companions. They become friends, they become our family. But it is important to make sure we treat them as animals and give them the respect they deserve. We are responsible for them but we do not own them or have a right to misuse the trust they put in us. 

Why to adopt?

We believe in making conscious decisions in all aspects of life. Choosing to adopt a pet instead of purchasing one is one such decision. 

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Adopting a pet often means you are saving two souls. The pet's and your's. Every day is a learning experience with an adopted pet. The way they interact to your home, the way the play with your family members and eventually protect them, and the way they smile when we call their name. It's bliss.

One of the biggest challenges of adoptions is that people don't know how to go about the process. People want a pet but there is just not enough awareness on adoptions. Half of them don't even know our Indian mutts or streeties can make excellent home dogs. 

two street puppies on the road

We hear people say that they "deserve" to live on the street, but that is absolutely untrue. We forget that we have invaded their land, their forests and forced them to survive according to our rules. If we can show some kindness and not make degrading statements, it would go a long way in changing our attitude towards them. 

To adopt a pup or a kitten, there are many animal shelters. Animal shelters are mainly for injured and ill animals and when the animal becomes healthy again, it is up for adoption. So adopting from a shelter means bringing home a furry friend and making space for another injured animal to get medical help!

street puppy with golden retriever dog adopted from shelter

Another way to adopt is through volunteers. Volunteers take care of street dogs and we often see litters of pups and kittens. Volunteers make sure the mother dog is well fed and the babies are protected and in a safe environment. Once they are older and ready to be separated from the litter, they are up for adoption.

two cute kittens sitting

Ideally pups and kittens should only be adopted after they are 8 weeks old. However, in our society there are many factors that prevent this from happening. The most common one is our wonderful societies who want to "get rid" of the pups as soon as possible. Every day becomes a task for volunteers to beg them to stay together. Every volunteer goes home sleeping hoping that evil humans haven't done anything bad to the mother or the babies. In such situations, if a good home if found then the pet gets separated before.

two cute puppies in a car

Another common occurrence is the babies being motherless. This happens when the mother dog passes away or when the evil humans relocate the pups in a new area. Imagine a volunteer walking home and suddenly comes across 8 20 day tiny puppies left in a bag. What do you do? It's a nightmare but it's worth it when all 8 puppies find loving homes.

What is the adoption process?

Adopting a pet isn't a leisure activity or a whim. It's a major life commitment. It's bringing home a family member, which should be given equal thought as when a family plans to create human babies.

Adoption process typically consists of the following:

1) Counselling session to understand the family, and provide guidance

2) House check to understand the space where the pet will live

3) Interaction with the potential pet to see how well the family bonds with the pet and vice versa

4) Trial period, duration depends from case to case.

5) Securing medical records from volunteers to make sure the pet is healthy

6) Signing the adoption papers

7) Filling paperwork with local government authority to register your pet in government database

Are there any adoption fees?

Adoptions aren't a business and no one is looking to make a quick buck or profit. We want you to choose adoptions because we want you to make the conscious decision of saving a pet in need and not buying from a breeder. 

When it comes to adoption fees, different shelters and organisations have different rules. The typical costs incurred and vaccinations, food and other medical treatment if required.

For our adoptions at Floof, it will always be free of cost. For other organisations, we urge you to be direct about asking about the fees as early in the process as possible.

If you would like to adopt a pet..

To enquire about adoptions from volunteers, you can send a WhatsApp or a text message on 9049056193 and we will help you out with the process by finding volunteers near you so that you can bring home a new family member!

cute puppy smiling at the camera

Happy adopting!

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